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Martina oorbellen

Martina oorbellen

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Oorbellen in de vorm van een blad met de kleuren van de herfst 🧡. 4x3 cm maar.


Oren met of zonder gaatjes

By default, all earrings are made for people with pierced ears. Do you have no holes and do you still want to wear the earrings? No problem! I have a range of ear clips that I can mount on the earring.

Something for you? Send me a message before you order the earrings and we will look at the best solution together.

Ear clips or clip earrings are the ideal solution if you don't have pierced ears, but do like jewelry. This piece of jewelery is the ideal and versatile solution for every moment. Therefore complete your outfit with clip earrings!


All my earrings are handmade. Because the earrings are handmade, small inconsistencies may be visible. As a result, each item may look slightly different from the next. This is what makes your jewelry so unique. There are no two identical pairs of earrings. This makes your earrings always special in themselves.

The earrings are lightweight due to the use of Fimo Polymer clay. They are only 2 grams each. So no more sore ears at the end of the day with these statement earrings. The parts I use are made of stainless steel. Your earrings are therefore allergy-free/nickel-free.

18k gold plating / gold plated
Most parts I use have an 18k gold plated layer. This is clearly stated in the title. If you buy jewelry with an 18k gold plated layer, this means that the gold layer that covers the stainless steel underneath contains 75% pure gold. So, there's real gold on the jewelry, but it's a thin layer.

Cubic Zirconia
There are also earrings in the range with Cubic Zirconia. But what is Zirconia? Zirconia, also known as CZ Cubic Zirconia, is a beautiful gemstone with the appearance of real crystal. The essential difference between zirconias and crystals can only be determined by a very thorough inspection. Only a trained gemologist can tell you the difference. With the naked eye, the difference between the two is almost imperceptible.


The perfect gift
Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion? An anniversary, birthday, wedding or festival? You will find the most beautiful gifts in my collection. All earrings are packaged as a gift, and do you want a personal message? Then don't hesitate to send me a message and we'll make something beautiful together.

Have fun giving!
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